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Viking jewelryonald Hansen, founded The Viking Trader in 1999. He was truly a Viking chieftain in his own right.  We are honoring his legacy by continuing to offer the same authentic historical museum replicas from Denmark and Sweden.


It was Donald's passion to share his enthusiasm for history by lecturing extensively about the Viking Age. He was committed to bringing an authentic understanding of the Norse culture to light and separating it from the misinformed “Pop” culture image of the Vikings. We have added several of his newsletters to the Learning Center page.


Before his passing he transitioned his company to NorseAmerica to allow The Viking Trader to persevere. For all those who had the pleasure to have known him, he is greatly missed. – THE VIKING TRADER LIVES!

Donald Hansen

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The same authentic Viking jewelry, glass and Norse Viking Gods replicas sold in the museum stores throughout Scandinavia.